Calm before the Meds

Tuesday I had my SHG test done. This procedure allowed my Dr. to check to see if there are any abnormalities in my uterus and also let him measure where the best spot will be to plant my embryo once we are ready for that. Sounds like a plan to me! The procedure was quick but quite uncomfortable and I was cramping.  I had my eyes shut the entire time and I could tell the nurse felt bad for me. The good news is that he was able to tell me right away everything looked normal.  (so relieved)

Let’s talk about Doctor’s who have zero bedside manner. I have to say that in my short lifetime I have come across plenty of these. For some reason they just don’t understand how to interact with their patients on a human level. I’m not saying all doctors are like this, but pretty much every single one i have come across has been incredibly cold. My current reproductive endocrinologist is not the kind of Dr. to hold my hand and make me feel better about anything. He gives it to me like it is without sugarcoating.  So far he has been spot on with everything, so I trust him and following everything he has told me. I just wish that he was a LITTLE bit less robotic. He does try to make jokes every once in a while but I can tell he has no idea what’s actually funny to an infertile couple. He has said such things as “well at least IVF costs less than buying a new car” -which is not comforting at all! lol  During the procedure I might as well have been cattle. He shoved the speculum in with zero warning as I was mid sentence, then inserted the catheter & pretty much told me to just be quiet and stay still. He was out the door before the nurse had even finished throwing the used tools into the garbage. He is clearly very skilled and has done this procedure hundreds of times. It is what it is. I’d rather have a skilled doctor that knows what he’s doing over one that is just telling me what i want to hear.

The reason I bring this up is to talk about the REAL MVP of this process: The nurses. THANK GOD for the nurses. I was ready to leave that office upset. It doesn’t sound like a big deal until you are going through it. The constant tests and exams really wreak havoc on your nerves. While i know that I need to keep up with my PMA (positive mental attitude) every time i go to the Dr. I am scared of bad news. As I’m walking out, my dedicated IVF nurse pulls me aside and talked to me for an hour in regards to what’s to come. I constantly find myself on the brink of tears after appointments. I’m not really sure why I always feel like crying, but she took one look at me and gave me a big hug and suddenly I felt better.  Shout out to all the nurses out there helping us emotional wrecks going through infertility process.  While i was there she demonstrated all the injectables they will be ordering for me and we did a mock injections on a foam Model. This was just to prepare me so we could go over it again when the meds actually come in. She gave me a script for Metformin (helps improve egg quality) and a list of supplements to go on to also help with eqq quality. (baby aspirin, DHEA, COQ10, prenatal etc)  I am also to continue on the birthcontrol for another week or so.  For those of you who may be taking Metformin-TAKE IT WITH A MEAL.  It’s super rough on your stomach and will cause nausea and digestive issues.

I keep telling myself even miracles take a little time. It’s a slow agonizing process: but everyday i’m one step closer to egg retrieval.  My motivation for today is below, in hopes someday this will be our reality. “the little embryo that could” – stolen from pinterest images.  PMA!! 🙂

images (1)


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