Here we go!


After a slight delay after Dr. reviewed my bloodwork and ultrasound a week ago. I went in yesterday morning for more bloodwork & I was finally given the go to start injections yesterday!! YAY!!! Never in my life did I believe I would be so excited to stab myself with a needle everyday.  But here I am, as happy as a bird with a french fry to be doing just that. They changed my protocol a little and instead of Centrotide I will be taking Lupron. Lupron will stop me from ovulating before Egg Retrieval.

Every morning I will administer Lupron injection, & in 1 week I will start with a 2nd and 3rd injection Of Gonal-F and Menopur. These 2 are the injections used to stimulate the development of multiple eggs.  also called the “stims” period on the IVF timeline

I was truly freaking out about injecting myself as I cannot stand needles. I can’t even watch when they draw blood. I know a lot of women say that they don’t think they can do it but when it finally came time, I didn’t even hesitate because I want this so badly! I finally feel like we are on the right track.  After so many delays it felt like we would never even get to this point.  For anyone freaking out about injecting themselves for the first time, it truly only hurts with the first Pinch.  The most nerve wracking part is making sure you put the right amount in the syringe because it has to be exact. I still have several medicines to go but so far so good! I haven’t noticed any side effects yet (but I’ve only taken 2 doses so far) &  have only experienced a slight headache. Lupron does come with a slew of side effects that I’m hoping I don’t have to experience. Fingers crossed!

For now we have decided to share our Journey with very close friends and family.  The outpouring of love & support we have received is truly amazing. I’m happy that we are not keeping this a secret as it’s an everyday struggle for us to keep positive. There are so many things that can go wrong going forward, as the road ahead of us is long but there are so many things that can go right. That is what we are holding on to. That all the right things will align for us. PMA ♥