It’s finally here! First day of stimulation medication!!! While I’m so excited we are finally at this next stage I am terrified of the havoc these hormones are going to wreak on my body. I am starting at pretty high doses due to my low ovarian reserve (due to my endometriosis ). The Lupron headaches have been relentless and the night sweats are something else. More symptoms to follow!

To recap the medications I’m on:

Lupron -suppresses the pituitary gland (this gland is responsible for triggering ovulation which we don’t want just yet!

Follistim– A follicle stimulating hormone that helps healthy ovaries to develop and release mature eggs.

Menopur – Stimulates multiple follicles and eggs to develop. Women normally don’t naturally develop more than one mature follicle per cycle but in my case we want MULTIPLE mature follicles. Be warned!!! MENOPUR feels like your injecting acid from the depths of hell straight into your abdomen !

I will never get used to needles but after watching the instruction videos like 100 times I finally stuck myself with 3 separate needles with the moral support from hubby and pups πŸ’ž.

We will be having a pep talk with my little follicles tonight. Grow follicles, grow. PleaseπŸ™πŸΌ. We need lots of healthy eggs to harvest once they are mature enough. At my baseline ultrasound on Wednesday we had 5 follicles on left ovary and 4 on the right. They are low numbers but it only takes one!! Although I pray we have at least 1 to freeze.

This is a reminder to myself:


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