The IVF Rabbit Hole🐰⚫️

Before Alice got to wonderland , she had to fall pretty hard Down a deep hole. Being on IVF Meds is similar. Before I can get to the anticipated moment of egg retrieval I have to free fall through a pretty dark hole I call IVF stimulation Meds.

Today is Day 7 of Stims. Deep anxiety has set in and the sharp headache that never goes away. If i do fall asleep I’m having crazy vivid dreams and just wake unrested. I’m beyond stressed at work which I’m sure is amplified by the hormonal mess that I am. Basically I’m stressing about the stress I have.🤦🏻‍♀️ what am I stressing about? Everything and nothing at the same time. I think it’s a side effect of the cocktail of injections I’m on.

Yesterday We got some pretty good news. My estrogen which I was worried about tripled! AND we recruited some more follicles. We went from 5 follicles on morning of day 4 to 13 on morning of day 6. THIRTEEN!!! I am so relieved. My ovaries are actually responding to the Meds!! Let’s just pray that it continues. The 13 follicles are between the sizes of 4mm-9mm and we need them to get to around 18mm for egg retrieval.

I also visited the acupuncturist yesterday. Like i need more needles in my life right? Acupuncture is supposed to help with blood flow to the uterus and also for relaxation. It was recommended by my Dr. The acupuncturist put needles in my abdomen, hands, ears, feet and legs. Status: human pin cushion . But I will do whatever it takes, even if there’s only a slim chance it will work. I will update again over the weekend, hopefully with good news again. . I have another date with this guy bright & early tomorrow morning 😂

Even though today was a tough day I’m trying to remind myself that we are on a slow and steady pace to victory. Egg retrieval is only the first leg of this marathon. Please follicles, please grow 🙏🏼


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