EGGcellent news

Tonight was day 10 of stims. I had a monitoring appointment bright & early this morning and we have 19 follicles growing!! Now most likely they won’t all be mature at time of retrieval but so happy that my softball sized ovaries are responding to meds at least! I am a bloated hormonal mess that can barely sit but I’ve never felt more grateful in my life. That we have this 2nd chance to make our dream a reality.

Estrogen is still going up which is good news and my lining is in great shape. I will get Instructions by Tuesday as to when to do my trigger shot . I even had the nurse sharpie marker where on my butt the intramuscular shot should be given. I’ve given myself all my shots so far but hubby is about to step up & help me with this one. Guys this is what we have been waiting for. I’m beyond excited & hopeful. Below are my follicle sizes so far. With a little luck most will reach close to 18mm & have mature eggs inside. The next couple of weeks are going to be the hardest weeks of our lives even if all goes as planned. But in my heart, I B E L I E V E something wonderful is about to happen !

My expectation is that I will most likely stim 1-2 more nights then it’s time to get those eggies滕


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